Modern cyber protection – 5 vectors you need to know

All businesses are now digital by default. Using new technology, linking gadgets, and advanced operational procedures, as well as accepting alternative work methods, are all examples of digital. This opens up previously untapped chances for growth and value creation. None of the chances, however, can provide rewards without dealing with the risks that come with them.

According to a Globe Economic Forum report, one of the five most serious threats confronting the world today is a cybersecurity compromise. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the cost of worldwide cybercrime damages is expected to exceed $6 trillion by 2021.

Organizations continue to increase their cybersecurity spending in order to improve cyber resilience and combat cybercrime. However, traditional backup and cybersecurity solutions are no longer sufficient to combat today’s challenges.

Modern solutions are needed now to protect sensitive data, applications, and systems.Acronis, a leader in cyber security solutions, has devised a new approach to serve the cybersecurity needs of users at every level.

5 Vectors of Modern Cyber Protection

Cyber attackers are becoming more sophisticated, imaginative, and well-organized. Their tactics are sophisticated, sneaky, and quick. By discovering vulnerabilities, these thieves have benefited from our freedom in the workplace. As a result, IT professionals must always be on the lookout for new dangers.

Despite the new realities, businesses continue to rely on antiquated IT techniques that put them and their businesses at danger. As a result, it’s critical that businesses choose solutions that take a comprehensive approach to protecting their data, applications, and systems.

Acronis’ tried-and-true, cutting-edge strategy strategically addresses the broad range of concerns encapsulated in the acronym SAPAS:Safety, Accessibility, Privacy, Authenticity, Security.

Acronis has changed and broken down the five problem areas into the Five Vectors of Cyber Protection.

Safety: Ensures that a reliable copy of your data is available at all times.
Ensure that your data is accessible at all times and from any location.
Control who sees and has access to your information.
Authenticity: Have irrefutable proof in the form of a copy of your data that is a carbon copy of the original.
Protect your data, apps, and systems from hostile attacks.
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Balance and Resolve Competing Needs

It’s true that it’s difficult to cover all five vectors when they’re often in competition with one another. For example, while locking files and folders inside the vault ensures the data’s protection and privacy, it also renders the data unavailable and hence useless from a practical sense.
As a result, a company may consider adopting a variety of cybersecurity solutions and services that are specifically designed to address each of these vectors. Even if a single point solution were ideal, a patchwork approach to security would leave defenses vulnerable.Acronis is committed to balancing and resolving these opposing demands, which it calls #CyberFit.Being CyberFit is critical for an individual and should not be overlooked. Data loss can have far-reaching repercussions that are far more than just inconvenient. Not only will you lose consumers, but your entire existence may be jeopardized.

Cyber Protection Advice for Organizations

According to recent study, a ransomware attack on a new company occurs every 11 seconds. Despite the rising frequency of ransomware assaults, seven out of ten businesses are unprepared to respond to a cyber-attack.

C-level executives are being held liable for their company’s lost revenues due to the impact of lost productivity and unanticipated downtime caused by cyber-attacks. In fact, many people are leaving their employment as a result of a lack of security.

As part of their digital transformation, industry analysts like IDC advocate Acronis’ cyber defense approach to IT firms. You must, according to Acronis:

Establish a cyber-security center that focuses on data security and availability.
Integrate data protection and disaster recovery into the right strategy (DR)
Integrate cyber security into infrastructure architectures rather than adding it on as an afterthought.
To better respond to cyber-attacks, use AI, machine learning, and automation.

Forrester interviewed the CIO of a high-performance equipment manufacturer who has been using Acronis’ Cyber Protection solutions for about two years to store and protect huge volumes of data generated by designing, testing, and deploying its products to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with Acronis investment. He’d also been the victim of two ransomware assaults and wants to improve his defenses in the future.

The results were compelling, as shown in the infographic below.

The whole report can be seen here.

How can we help to protect your organization?

Our primary goal is to keep your data, applications, and systems secure. To accomplish so, we offer a current cyber security solution available to you so that you can develop new strategies and technologies. You may gain quick access to advanced solutions with Acronis by ZNetLive that can address the ever-evolving dangers your business faces today and in the future.

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