How to increase your website speed with Alibaba Cloud CDN?

If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, you’ve already lost 40% of your visitors. Every second is crucial. According to Google, the longer your website takes to load, the more visitors will leave.

Have you checked your website speed?

How long does it take for your website to load? If you haven’t already, use these free and dependable website speed test tools to verify your website’s load time. If your page load time is higher than three seconds, you should work on improving your site.Also, because your end consumers may be from different areas and nations, your site should load quickly from many places. In comparison to other locations, the speed of your website will be slightly faster in the location of your server. If your web hosting server is in the United States, for example, your website will load faster there than in other countries.Depending on the countries you’re targeting and the location of your end consumers,you have to ensure that your site is loading instantly from these locations.

Optimizing website speed for multiple locations

So, how can you improve the performance of your website so that it loads promptly, saves bandwidth, and provides a better user experience? How can you get your content to your users faster, no matter where they are?
A high-performance Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution is the answer to these questions. A content delivery network (CDN) improves the speed with which your material is distributed throughout your desired destinations. It lowers latency while improving data transfer speed.

What is Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A content delivery network, or CDN, is a network of multiple nodes, known as edge location servers, that are positioned at various locations throughout the world. A CDN aids you in optimizing the distribution of your material to end-users, such as photographs, webpages, videos, and so on, regardless of their location.

A CDN solution, such as Alibaba Cloud CDN, may assist you in providing high-availability and high-performance content to end-users. It also assists you in ensuring that several website visitors may access the same material without causing the core network to become overburdened.

Alibaba Cloud CDN solution

Alibaba Cloud CDN is one of the most effective website speed optimization services available, allowing your site to load in milliseconds. It has over 2,800 nodes around the world with a bandwidth capacity of up to 120 TBPS. As a result, the CDN assists you in delivering content to visitors from the closest possible edge position rather than from the server location. As a result, user queries are rapidly addressed, and the website’s speed remains high.
“Faster is always better, and less is always more.”
From Google

Key features of Alibaba Cloud CDN

Let’s take a look at some of Alibaba Cloud CDN’s important features:

1 Hundreds of nodes globally

Alibaba Cloud CDN has over 2,800 nodes spread throughout the globe. These nodes assist you in ensuring that your website’s content is provided from a nearby place, allowing it to load quickly.

2 High transfer rate and low latency

Alibaba Cloud CDN’s response time is measured in milliseconds. For a very high transfer rate of your web content, the solution is powered by intelligent connection selection and SSD storage.

3 Webpage optimization

With web page optimization and sophisticated compression technologies, Alibaba Cloud CDN improves website performance. For speedier loading, the service also removes redundant content from the pages.

4 Automatic scaling

When website traffic surges, the CDN service automatically scales and handles the spikes seamlessly. The burden on the origin site is reduced as a result.

5 Advanced traffic predictions

Alibaba Cloud CDN offers multi-level scheduling regulations as well as the ability to forecast advanced traffic. When the website’s traffic is expected to be strong, these elements aid with its availability.

6 Integration

Other cloud services such as Alibaba Cloud OSS, ECS, and server load balancer work and integrate effectively with Alibaba Cloud CDN. This improves website speed even further, lowers the overall cost of content delivery, minimizes bandwidth consumption, and distributes the burden on the origin site.

7 Data analysis and monitoring

The system offers comprehensive network monitoring, as well as detailed data analysis and reporting on bandwidth utilization, traffic patterns, and security reports, among other things.

8 Cost-effective

Alibaba Cloud CDN is the most cost-effective content delivery network (CDN) available. You can opt to pay based on how much traffic and bandwidth you use.

How to optimize website speed with Alibaba Cloud CDN

Now we’ll look at how to use the Alibaba Cloud Management Console to quickly increase the speed of your website utilizing the Alibaba Cloud CDN service.

  1. Open the main dashboard after logging into your Alibaba Cloud account.
  2. Find Storage & CDN in the Products & Services section, and select Alibaba Cloud CDN from the drop-down menu
  3. You’ll be led to a confirmation page where you can pick between Pay-By-Traffic and Pay-By-Bandwidth as your payment method. After you’ve made your choices, click Activate Now
  4. On the following screen, in the section on the left, select the CDN domain name list option.
  5. Go to the top right corner and click the Add New Domain button.
  6. On the next page, you’ll be asked to fill out some basic information. Fill in the essential information and choose from the various dropdown menus.
  7. When you’re finished, click the Verify button. A Saved Successfully notification will appear.
  8. The system will review your CDN domain, and it will be added successfully. A confirmation for the same will appear, as illustrated below. Once the domain has been added, click the Configure now option to make changes to the setup.
  9. Return to the CDN domain name list to double-check that your domain name has been added. Your domain name should be listed here. When the status of your website is displayed, You can manage the domain here according to your preferences and needs.

So, using Alibaba Cloud CDN, you can quickly increase the speed of your website.The Alibaba Cloud CDN can be used to provide faster on-demand video streaming, high-speed downloads, and to improve the performance of your mobile app, in addition to speeding up your website.

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