Daily Horoscope Today 14th August 2021

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Today you will wonder if deep down you don’t need to breathe new life into your emotional life. The truth is that it is clear that yes, although you wonder how you are going to do it. Undoubtedly, the current period, a bit stormy at all levels, will not allow you to dedicate yourself completely to your partner. Obviously, something must come up, it is up to you to find the what and the how. This day invites you to make decisions to help yourself out.


The lover or the mother/father, what to choose? This is going to be the question you are going to ask yourself throughout the day. You will tell yourself why you cannot choose both. It’s funny, but it is difficult for you to imagine being the lover of your partner and the father/mother of your children at the same time. So don’t be swayed by these old models that you can choose from. Sometimes it seems that you forget that we are in the XXI century.


If you have the impression that your partner has not listened to you lately, that he is not paying you much attention at the moment, or if you have observed that disagreements are very frequent, all this could cause you to accumulate tension. And today the safest thing is that you are going to feel that everything is going to spill due to overflow. This is the conflict phase in this process of adjusting the problems in your personal relationship.


Throughout today you will begin to understand what you really want and that really is not the least of it. Soon it will be about you going back to being the locomotive that you are by nature. It may be that new love stories come to stimulate you, which never fails to give you a boost of energy. A tip, if you can, try this time to stick to a single project and get to the end.


This is going to be a day that you should dedicate to your children or your partner. Yes, but it could also be said that you haven’t had the time or opportunity to do it yet. Either way, the most likely thing is that today you could even feel torn, and probably because of that, you could be a little tense. It seems that you should make some decisions if you want to find some calm.


There are times when the power of clairvoyance that you possess becomes impressive because it shows that you have a lot of maturities. You are not dreaming, but rather, on the contrary, you only think of achievable things and, in addition, it is quite difficult for you to move in the field of ambiguity. If you currently have an ongoing romantic affair, this is a great day to ask for accounts. So don’t be too cold.


At this moment you may be immersed in a kind of significant emotional turmoil. For example, you increasingly want to exchange deep and personal ideas with your partner, and you should find that you are putting more and more pressure on them on these issues. The truth is that today you should wait before taking action. You want to act and you know it will be anger or flight. Therefore, tensions are anticipated. Feel free to express yourself clearly.


Throughout this somewhat tense day, you may find yourself immersed in a sea of doubts. It could be something like hiding the truth or telling it. If this is the case, without hesitation you should choose to let go of what you carry in your heart, since the current positions will help you to pose things in a way that they are not shocking, but rather convincing. You know you choose.


Today you might feel torn between two different facets. Your kindness, your sensitivity, and your clairvoyance are an ideal target for people cynical or rooted in rigid principles. So you will try to unravel the sensitive part of the things that we are talking about, even if that means that to achieve it you will have to put aside the emotional aspect. Things are often not as simple as they might seem at first glance.


Quite often, members of your sign are criticized for not exactly being specialists in personal relationships. However, throughout today the positions of the planets will facilitate the task. It seems that your listening skills have suddenly increased, which, at one point, could give others the feeling that you are only doing what you feel like doing.


Today it may be difficult for you to keep your feet on the ground with all the emotions that could invade you. You should try not to take things too seriously. It is the best way to avoid being overwhelmed by doubts. You should act with the passion that characterizes you and focus on all jobs that require some kind of research. You will probably receive some information from an unexpected source.


Today you should let your instincts speak. Although throughout this day the situation could lend itself to deep and prolonged reflection, on the contrary, you should choose to follow your intuition. If you feel like you have enough items in hand to make your choice, you shouldn’t postpone your decision. You have that ability to choose paths as you go, following the advice that your heart dictates.