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Fiery Footage Captures “Lava Ceremony” of Iceland’s Active Volcano Erupting

Arkansas-based storm chaser and photojournalist Brian Emfinger loves getting close to Mother Nature. So it made perfect sense that he would travel to see one of nature’s most incredible phenomenon—a volcanic eruption. And this eruption just happened to be in Iceland, where the Fagradalsfjall volcano has been active since March. Emfinger made the long journey

Amazing Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode Discovered by Miners in Uruguay

Gems and minerals are often given as tokens of affection. But one discovery of a naturally occurring amethyst geode doesn’t need any help in expressing love—it’s already shaped like a heart! Uruguay Minerals made this amazing find at the border of Uruguay and Brazil when workers broke open a rock that revealed a heart on

When Pregnant Dog Is Critically Injured Near Highway, Fellow Stray Refuses To Leave Her Side

Dogs are well known as man’s best friend, but this heartwarming story proves that dogs show up for each other, too. When a German shepherd named Marley was (presumably) hit by a car in Muscoy, California, her fellow stray, Murphy, refused to leave his best friend’s side. The pair patiently waited for hours as traffic

In southern Madagascar, malnutrition in children soars as families struggle to feed themselves

It is estimated that at least half a million children under the age of five will be acutely malnourished in early 2022, with 110,000 in a critical state. Four years of drought have left more than one million people in southern Madagascar in urgent need of food and other humanitarian aid. Many families have had