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A Closer Look At The Hyundai Custo Minivan For China In 2022

Before its expected introduction at China’s Chengdu Auto Show later this month, a slew of fresh photographs of Hyundai’s Custo minivan have surfaced online. Last month, Hyundai revealed a few teaser shots, although it’s been a year since the first photos of the vehicle were leaked online in China. These new photographs reveal previously undisclosed

The Bugatti Bolide goes from a one-off to a 40-model limited production run.

Bugatti stated today that it will build 40 Bolide ultra-high performance, track-only hypercars in a very limited run. The car, which was revealed in October 2020 and was thought to be a one-off at the time, chiseled away at the Chiron’s body until there was as little as possible between the air, the driver, and

The Testa Rossa J is a 3/4-scale electric replica of Ferrari’s 1957 250 Testa Rossa race car.

The Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa was one of the automaker’s most recognizable and successful models. The pontoon-fenderered race vehicle won 18 races and three World Sports Car Championship championships in the 1980s and 1990s, and now Ferrari has developed an official 3/4 size reproduction of it. The automobile, known as the Testa Rossa J, will

Can-Am Reveals Its 2022 Lineup, Including Updated Off-Road Models

For 2022, Can-Am has redesigned their whole On-Road portfolio, which includes new versions of the Ryker and Spyder three-wheelers. The new Rally and Sport models are available in the Ryker line, while the new F3-S Special Series and F3 Limited Special Series are available in the Spyder F3 range, and the new RT Sea-to-Sky is

Mahindra Introduces the XUV700 Compact SUV with a New Brand Identity

Mahindra unveiled the XUV700, a compact SUV that will replace the aging XUV500 (2011-2021), as well as a new logo and identity for the company. In India, the new model offers modern style and technology at a reasonable price, beginning at Rs. 1,199,000 lakh ($16,168). Hyundai Alcazar, MG Hector Plus, and Tata Safari are among

The 2022 Nissan Note Aura Nismo is a bold-looking vehicle with real downforce.

The 2022 Nissan Note Aura Nismo has been finally unveiled after being teased last week. It will be on sale in Japan later this year. The design of the Note Aura Nismo is inspired by Nissan’s Formula E race vehicle, which immediately sets it apart from the ordinary model. As a result, the front end

The second example of the $28 million boat tail, according to Rolls-Royce, will debut in May.

Rolls-Royce made news in May 2021 when it unveiled the world’s most expensive new automobile, the $28 million Boat Tail, which will be created in three handcrafted and totally personalized instances. The second unit from this customised model’s ultra-limited run will be revealed in May 2022 at Villa d’Este in Italy. In October 2021, the

The Limited Edition Colors of the 2022 Ranger Splash Won’t Make A Ripple

Last September, Ford resurrected a 1990s classic when it reintroduced the Splash brand as a package on the current midsize Ranger, debuting it on a bright orange vehicle. The Splash package is available through the 2022 model year, however Ford indicated at the time that limited batches of Splash Limited Editions will be available throughout

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator has a larger grille and the ActiveGlide system, which allows you to drive without using your hands.

A full-size SUV, such as the Lincoln Navigator, epitomizes American luxury, and the Lincoln Navigator has been leading the push for decades. With the 2022 Navigator, the firm is upping the ante with revamped aesthetics and a slew of innovative technology. The all-new ActiveGlide semi-autonomous driving technology, which allows for hands-free operation, is one of

The most fuel-efficient model in the Kia Sorento Turbo PHEV lineup arrives in America in 2022.

The fourth-generation Kia Sorento was revealed in February 2020, with a September 2020 launch in the United States. One year after its debut in the UK, the plug-in hybrid model has finally arrived in the United States as the most fuel-efficient model in the Sorento lineup, which also includes HEV, petrol, and diesel models. The