All about secure email services and collaboration suite by Plesk

Do you want to use Google Docs or Office365 but don’t think the cloud is right for you? Are you considering using Open Xchange or Microsoft Exchange on your premises but are concerned about the cost and setup complexity?
We got a response.
Plesk is a modern, functional, and private comprehensive secure email and collaboration suite that can be installed on a single physical or virtual server and provides all-in-one deployment and transparent licensing.

Email, calendars, public folders.

To begin with, Postfix and Dovecot cover the essentials of email. Roundcube provides the web interface, which is supplemented with Kolab for collaboration and object sharing. Users in your organization can be given read/edit/delete access on folders in their mailboxes, calendars, and address books. All email services, of course, are secured by SSL certificates.
Assume you’ve just received your brand-new server, complete with Plesk. First and foremost, you must add your company’s domain:You may now create mailboxes for your coworkers and begin working virtually immediately.
The real magic occurs when you log in to the webmail interface for the first time. It resembles Roundcube, but not identically.
As with any conventional webmail, you’ll see your own folders, emails, and settings after you log in. So, what makes it so unique?
You may really grant other users in your company access to your objects, such as folders, calendars, and address books – something that most traditional mail systems cannot do. User Ki, for example, granted access to his Inbox to users Ni and Ta.These people can add Ki’s folder to their hierarchy and read (and Ta can even edit and delete) emails in it.
Users can grant other users permissions on specific items, facilitating collaboration and delegation. The same principle applies to public folders, calendars, and address books. Naturally, these shared files and items operate in browsers, mobile devices, and desktop computers:

File sharing

“Could you please send me the PDF?” – “The file is too large to upload” – “Dropbox?” – “I’m at a loss for words. “Do you use Google Drive?” – “I’m not able to use it right now.” STOP RIGHT NOW. Plesk allows you to have your own file sharing service on your own server, which is integrated with your mail system. Every mailbox user will have their own file library and the ability to share sections of it with other employees.
Import mail attachments can be shared with your group members right away.
They’ll pick it up right away, no matter where they are —
…or while driving.
Are you done with spreadsheets? Don’t email it; instead, drag and drop it into your synced File Library; colleagues with access to the library will be automatically notified. Yes, you can also share your trip photos.
But wait, there’s more!

Online document editing

Sending files around isn’t always enough, and you’ll need to be online with your team to complete tasks in real time. Google Docs and Office365 at their best — but without the vendor lock-in. Collabora is an online document editing suite that is completely under your control, private, and linked into your email and collaboration system.
Save the document to your hard drive and then edit it online.
You can ask for assistance or offer assistance at any moment.
Take pleasure in the collaboration.
Documents are automatically stored and are immediately accessible in your Seafile client. And, hey, even your on-the-go coworkers can participate using their mobile devices. Files from available libraries will be picked up using Seafile integration.
No, you are not permitted to leave at this time. THERE IS EVEN MORE!

Corporate chat

Much faster than email, communication history is stored, and it can be accessed from any device. You can obtain a Slack-like experience without really using Slack. While both Mattermost and Slack enable modern collaboration with agility and efficiency, Mattermost’s self-hosted method offers complete control, privacy, and legal compliance. Mattermost enables teams to deliver at a rapid rate while adhering to IT and security teams’ safety, privacy, and scaling needs. Integrated into the mail client in the browser:
Create channels for your team to discuss what’s important to them:
Last but not least, you get antispam and antivirus protection for your email.